RB Safety Measures


safety measures

Our MUAs will ensure they are in their personal protective equipment before they enter the property and also do a clean on table surfaces with antibacterial wipes before they start and after they finish.

Each product will be sanitised using makeup cleaning sprays to avoid cross contamination and where possible we will decant the product before applying on our clients.

Booking conditions

As much as we love an audience, for safety reasons, we will need a room available for us to begin our services with only one person entry at a time. 

We request for clients to ensure surfaces in the room allocated for the booking to take place be cleaned before we arrive at the property. 

If anyone in the household shows any symptoms relating to Covid19, we request our clients to inform us as soon as possible so we can rearrange the booking at a later date honouring original booking quote.

Health and Safety

To reassure our clients, we have taken the above precautions to enable us to continue with our services, ensuring the safety of our clients and staff by following government guidelines. 

Although most of the precautions is part of our usual hygiene practice, we are adding just that little bit more as the safety of our clients and staff is of the upmost importance.